The interior space of passenger car

The interiors of modern passenger cars is impossible to imagine without the use of products made of fiberglass. Widespread use of glass in the interior of the car due to its special properties. Fiberglass does not burn, non-toxic, resistant to wear and damage. The interior of the glass can be given any shape and color.

Leading position in manufacturing quality products made of glass for passenger cars is company "BARS". The products manufactured by the company, successfully used in passenger cars railways of the CIS countries since 2000. Products are intended for use in repairing and building new cars. The company is a holder of certificates confirming the existence of quality control system.
High product quality due to using only high quality materials, high-tech equipment and qualified personnel. In developing parts of the system uses advanced 3D modeling. All products are made of glass is 100% multi-stage control.
Our PR department has been calculated, manufacture and installation of interior passenger cars of fiberglass parts, including the dining car, CIE, SSC, RIP, TSMB. All designs are agreed upon and approved by the Kiev project design and technological bureau of the cars.
Forces the firm was developed and manufactured a prototype inter-provincial coach with a unique air conditioning system. Over 60% of the interior of the assembled fiber glass panels. It is possible to obtain a modern design and functionality of the interior of the car. Quick access for maintenance of communications hidden from the passengers, provides construction of suspended ceilings and other interior elements, designed and made of fiberglass and assembled by our firm.
Do not forget bathrooms and interior of cars. In the production floor pallets used a unique technology, previously used in the aerospace industry. The lack of details in the floors, exposed to corrosive media, has resulted in a significant increase in the life of the floor.
Much attention is paid to design and ergonomics of sanitary facilities, running into production the second generation of washbasins with mirrors, which used a combination of stainless steel cup and plastic liner.

For the first time in Ukraine was developed and implemented a decorative fiberglass coating pan. Also of note is widely used elements from the ceiling hatches and hatch covers for access to the systems of ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, water and heating the car.
 The range of products made of glass for passenger cars has more than 150 items.

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