Vases, pots

Design flowerpot may like to emphasize the magnificence of plants and trees, and neutralize it.

We produce high-quality pots, planters, pots, medium and large sizes for use both indoors and outdoors. Material: fiberglass - the life of vases at least 10 years.

Pots and vases made from fiberglass are highly durable, they do not crack upon impact and drops.

Planters and vases are not subject to destruction by ultraviolet sunlight and frost. Can paint pots and vases in any color with different textures of the surface.

Delivery of vases, pots, pots made in the territory of Ukraine.

Form a dealer network to sell pots and vases.

We invite you to cooperate with architects and designers.

When ordering, vases and pots with a minimum of 10 units of one model - can be manufactured on an individual thumbnail.

We are pleased to realize your boldest ideas.



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