Manufacture of products of carbon

Manufacture of carbon fiber products

Manufacture of carbon fiber products

Today's recipe binder and the fabric material of carbon fibers - a recipe for high-strength and super light material - carbon fiber (carbon fiber). Much has been written and discussed about the unique properties of carbon fiber products. It has now become available to you.
Carbon - a form of graphite, rolled into long, thin strands of rubber. In each layer filaments are oriented at a different angle. The whole structure is held together with epoxy resins.
These sheets are usually referred to as composite materials, because They contain not only carbon.
Carbon fiber sheets are very strong. Carbon is 40% lighter than steel and 20% - aluminum. Just do not corrode carbon.
A consequence of this, carbon sheets can replace steel in virtually every industry, whether it is aircraft or making skirts for sports cars.
Today, the widespread use of carbon fiber is limited by only one - its price.
The main sectors where carbon fiber is used:
- Sports (motorcycling, motor racing, tennis rackets, oars, sleds, etc.)
- Design (original look)
- Aviation, Turbine.
- Equipment (helmets, boots, equipment)
- Medical (artificial limbs, litter, etc.)
- Machinery and equipment.

In 1967 he appeared in the carbon available for sale in England, but in limited quantities and under state control. When in 1981 John Barnard was first used used carbon fiber to create monocoque F1 for McLaren MP4, carbon fiber in triumph broke into motor racing, and still remains one of the carbon of the best materials. CFRP is now in our everyday life ...

Manufacturing technology and features carbon fiber

Carbon fiber composite implies - it's a solid heterogeneous material, consisting of two reinforcing elements and a binder that an enabling effect on the characteristics of carbon fiber: high strength, abrasion-sostoykost, hardness, etc. Reinforcing elements can be: no-woven carbon fiber and rubber TI (this carbon is in shades of gray, though, it can be any color), carbon fiber and Kevlar (yellow dotted with the Carboniferous filaments), carbon and even some of the material. The filaments are intertwined at a certain angle, forming layers, and, in each layer of carbon fiber weave different angles. This is done to compensate for the distinct properties of carbon fiber in opposite directions. The sheet of carbon per 1 mm thickness have 3-4 such layer. The whole structure is held together with epoxy resins.

Let's look at the properties of carbon fiber on the positive side:
Carbon fibers are carbon stretching as good as steel, but here the compression do not behave better, solution to this problem was their fiber plexus in carbon fiber.
At the same time carbon lighter than steel, 40% lighter than aluminum and 20%, of course, is easier than plastik.Karbon assembled from carbon and Kevlar, though a bit heavier than the rubber-carbon has a much greater strength, while strikes cracks, crumbles, but not divided into parts. Carbon can withstand temperatures of 1600 degrees.
Carbon - energopoglotitel good (you can see the roof instead of the engine).
Unpainted carbon stunningly beautiful and stylish looks.

Carbon do: hoods, body kits, spoilers, roof, bottom, seats, instrument panels and all that pleases the eye. Making a carbon fiber chassis - improves aerodynamic Mick, reduce the weight, and Salon - reduce the weight, increase safety, etc. You can sometimes find zakarbonennye cars to the maximum, however, in the form of presentations at trade shows. In tuning the carbon serves not only as a material that enhances the appearance. Carbon gives a good advantage over the opponent in the red light races. For example, take to the carbon clutch.

In the adhesion of carbon fiber perform: friction linings, clutch, and something in detail. The use of carbon fiber gives the reduction in mass unit, so it is easier to roll out that well affect not only the dynamic characteristics of the car, but also for security, if the drive is easier in the case of spacing (and this is not so rarely) carbonyl is not enough mass to penetrate the protective basket mate. Yes, and require less effort to shift. The coefficient of friction of carboxylic adhesion at high level, which makes it possible to transmit more power efficient. The service life of carbon fiber lining is 3-5 times higher than the others.

Can be a very long time to consider the possibility of using carbon fiber, because from it you can do almost everything.

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