Interior of premises, buildings of panels, rubber products,
ceiling lamps, fittings for passenger rolling stock.



Fiberglass - perfect and has become a traditional material for the manufacture of small boats - boats, water bikes and jet skis.



We offer you options for your garden beautiful arrangement
of artificial reservoirs(ponds), using the hard pond bowl



Design flower pot may like to emphasize the magnificence of plants and trees, and neutralize it.


Production of fiberglass

A wide range of finished products of their own production and under the order. High quality and reasonable prices.

We produce products of any size and shape, including the sketches and drawings of the customer.
By contacting us, you can be sure that your order will be executed in strict accordance with the requirements.

The company LLC Bars makes products to order.
If you have an idea for manufacturing products of at least 10 copies, we will manufacture the products for you.
To do this, send us a sketch, photo or 3D Model.
We work out, voice the terms and cost of preparing the production of their cost of the fiberglass product itself.
After that, you pay for the production preparation and the first sample.

After receiving the first sample and agreeing on all the intricacies and nuances of the production of fiberglass products, you pay for a series of products.
Preparation can be performed on a temporary basis, that is, the form will serve no more than 50 products, and on a larger series - at least 500 products.
We do not make equipment for other people's productions, when your form is used in our production - you get a guarantee for its safety, and the fact that no one except you, without your consent, will not receive the product from your form.

Working in the market of spare parts for railway rolling stock since 1993, BARS LLC has established itself as a reliable supplier of high quality products.

Since 2000, the company develops a new direction, production elements of the interior of carriages made of fiberglass.

Our products are widely used in the interior of the passenger rolling stock of railways of the CIS countries.

Since 2001, LLC "BARS" completes the car-repair enterprises of Ukraine, in 2004 and car-repair business in Moldova.

2006 - the company starts to equip their products new passenger cars, built on a wagon factories of Ukraine.

2006 - the company completes the buildings control panels Electric Locomotive Plant in Ukraine and CIS countries.

2006 - built a new plant with bright spacious workshops, administrative buildings and landscaped area.

2007 - the company begins production of pond basins to create artificial lakes.

2008 - opened a new activity - the production of fiberglass boats (model BARS 300)

2010 - installed painting systems, the technology of coloring plastics.

2011 - built and put into operation new production facilities.

2012 - start of series production models of boats BARS  350 and BARS 400.

2014 - participation in the project of creating a Ukrainian diesel train. The interior and exterior panels are made.

2016 - participation in the project of creating a new Ukrainian tram. Exterior and interior tram panels are made.

2017 - the technology for manufacturing thermal insulation for thermo vans was developed.

2018 - participation in the project for the retrofitting of General Electric locomotives for Ukraine. Fairings for locomotives are made.

2019 - participation in the project for the production of trams for Egypt. Tram panels for interior and exterior made

2019 - participation in the project of creating a tram for the city of Odessa.

2019 - participation in the project # 200 ambulances for Ukraine. Made furniture for ambulances.

Company "BARS"

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