Rubber products for passenger rolling stock

Rubber products for passenger rolling stock

The company since 1996, is engaged in manufacturing rubber products for the repair of passenger cars. "Packs a leash," produced by "Bars" are considered the standard of quality to "Ukrzaliznytsia". These results can be achieved through a multi-stage system of quality control at all stages of production and the personal responsibility of all staff for their quality.

Also, the company has certified only one in Ukraine stand on the definition of effort to break the "package leash" (quality vulcanized rubber to metal). All products for 8 years, certified in UkrSEPRO.

List of rubber products, produced by LLC "Bars" by request "Ukrzaliznytsia"

1) O-ring (CS) - CS Standard Drawing 38-72
2) Coupling toilet - drawing 116RTM32TSV206-80
3) Cuff supports of the moment - drawing 326RTM32TSV206-80
4) Set of washers safety bar) - drawing 3446-H
5) Lining skolzuna support - drawing 17-80 01RTM32TSV206
6) Damper axle unit (top) - drawing 30.21.101
7) Damper axle unit (lower) - drawing 168.20.007B
8) Packet leash - drawing 34.31.027-2SB
9) Bush CC - drawing 13.30.675
10) Cradle Shock Absorber - drawing 12-80 01RTM32TSV206
11) Damper TRKP-2GV - drawing
12) Shock absorber generator - drawing TB341-85
13) Damper bearing gear - drawing 33-80 01RTM32TSV206
14) Rubber liner (generator drive MAB-2) - drawing 15 849-BN
15) Clutch RC - drawing customers

We are constantly working to further increase the product range and develop new advanced technologies. Consider proposals for the production of any part of their development and serial production.

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