Corps of electric control panels, interior

Enclosures for electric locomotive control panels, interior

By request of the company "SCP MDS", DEVZ, Tatra-Yug Enterprise Ltd. "BARS" produces elements housings of electric control panels, tramvaevi locomotives, as well as elements of the interior driver's cabs and passenger cars. Qualification of personnel allows companies to realize the most ambitious engineering solutions at a high level in the shortest possible time.
 GRP is a composite structural materials combining high strength with relatively low density.
 The binder gives the material solidity, promotes the effective use of NIJ mechanical properties of glass fiber and uniform distribution of efforts between the fibers, fiber protects against chemical, atmospheric and other external influences them, and perceives itself part of the effort of developing the material under load . GRP have higher specific strength than steel, and thus allow for a lower mass structures as compared with steel, which greatly simplifies installation, operation and maintenance.
 Products made of glass-reinforced plastics have worked well when working in a vibration-rations and shock.
 Fiberglass is able to return to original shape after impact, not entailing the destruction of these qualities elementa.Blagodarya fiberglass can be used in the construction of electric and diesel trains and locomotives.
 The company has successfully cooperated with the Dnepropetrovsk Electric Locomotive Plant. By request of the company were made control panels for the locomotive DSZ. Also, together with specialists from Lugansk Electric Locomotive Plant and Design production company MDS is made for remote control locomotives DEL-02, VC-1M, EP-20, etc.

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