Boat BARS 300

Compact fiberglass boat BARS 300

Today, plastic shipbuilding was isolated fast-paced industries. Fiberglass - perfect and has become a traditional material for the manufacture of small boats - boats, water bikes and jet skis. Fiberglass has a high rigidity and resistance to solar radiation, ultraviolet rays, tolerance to low temperatures and extremely long service life.

The plastic is a composite material strength and rigidity which in some circumstances be comparable with metals at half - four times lower density. Plastics do not corrode, and the reinforcing mesh effectively prevents the spread of cracks at the local destruction. One of the advantages of glass-plastic products is the lack of welds, which are the most vulnerable places for corrosion.

Compact fiberglass boat sandwich constructions (bottom - GRP 3 mm, the deck - GRP 3mm space between the deck and the bottom is filled with polyurethane foam). The boat - sinking.
Features: -3 m length, width-1, 3 m depth is 0.45 m. Capacity-181 lbs. Engine power admitted Sudoregistrom Ukraine -3.5 l / s (Case can easily survive and 15 l / s). The speed of the boat when the engine 3.5 l / s and 80 kg of load, 11-13 km / hour.

Purpose: recreation, hunting, fishing and rental.
  •     duralumin oars with plastic pen -2 pcs.
  •     Bank of waterproof plywood -2 pcs.
  •     rod holder - 2 pcs.
  •     dry pot (tank in the stern of the boat with a watertight access covers for things that should not get wet).
  •     Fender.
  •     Rowlocks plastic with stainless steel insert or completely stainless steel (for extra charge.) - 2 pcs.
  •     Transom plates,
  •     Duck-3pc.
Additional equipment: Bimini top, tilt the parking, transport wheels on transom
For wholesale customers special conditions.

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