Plafonds fixtures, fittings for passenger rolling stock

Плафоны  светильников, фурнитура для пассажирского подвижного состава

The company has developed and successfully implemented the technology of production of organic glass ceiling. At the moment, LLC "Bars" is the sole supplier of ceiling fixtures for wagon manufacturing plant Amendorff (Germany) for "Ukrzaliznytsia".

Currently in the application of organic glass ceiling in the repair of elevators and electric rolling stock. Also, positive results were achieved by the use sheet acrylic lenses for traffic lights. List of products made of organic glass:

1) Dome Lamp odnolamp. (lum) and crepe. - Drawing 1128/0602-267
2) Cover the lamp dvuhlamp. (lum) and crepe. - Drawing 1128/0602-149;
3) Glass "Soffit" small - drawing 141.990 (cat number 787 219);
4) Glass "Soffit" great - drawing 141.990 (cat number 787 220);
5) Cover CIE (square) - drawing of the CO-007;
6) Dome Lamp lum. CIE (40W) - drawing SB-006;
7) Cover lum. wagon RIP - drawing CO-005;
8) Glass lamp sconces wagon RIP - drawing SB-004.

Developed and successfully used a unique technology of the production tooling for molded products of any complexity, which can significantly reduce the cost of developing new products and debug their serial production.

We are constantly working to further increase the product range and develop new advanced technologies. Consider proposals for the production of any part of their development and serial production.

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