Pond bowls

Pond bowls

None of the garden can not be too small to be in it was placed pond.
We offer you options for your garden beautiful arrangement of artificial reservoirs(ponds), using the hard pond bowl.

  • Finished bowl ponds -are easy to install and maintain!
  • Finished bowl ponds -safe for plants and fish!
  • Finished bowl ponds durable!

Easy to set up the finished shape of the reservoir makes your work and speed up the process of creat in g beauty in your garden and an ideal place for the whole family. The advantage of our bowls before similar black polyethylene - a constant stiffness and strength (which greatly facilitates the assembly), as well as a choice of colors.Ponds of fiberglass is stronger than plastic, such forms of life over 30 years, they can decorate, renovate (in this case its lifetime is not reduced). We deliver all over Ukraine.

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