Other fiberglass products

We carry out work on the production of articles made of fiberglass.

Enterprise of "Bars" will perform the design and manufacture of fiberglass products for individual orders. The company is equipped with modern equipment for the manufacture of glass fiber using different technologies shaping.

We offer:

  •     Bowl of ponds and artificial lakes
  •     Water tanks
  •     Fuel tanks
  •     Kiosks
  •     Toilets
  •     Barrels
  •     Galvanic baths
  •     Children's rides (slides, boats, small towns)
  •     Pedal
  •     Modular floating platforms
  •     Boats
  •     Yachts
  •     Making boats
  •     Chalet showers;
  •     Various forms of products
  •     Enclosures for kart
  •     Cabins dlyaselhoz equipment and rolling stock
  •     Details of industrial plastics
  •     Tuning body kits, body kits Aero
  •     Spinners for cars
  •     Stairs
  •     Stair railings
  •     Railing
  •     Balustrades, balusters, base, columns with caps and decorative elements
  •     Three-dimensional advertising pieces
  •     Seats for public transport
  •     Seating for stadiums
  •     Guardrails, signs
  •     Enclosures for coffee, playing and vending machines
  •     Personal protective equipment (helmets, helmets)
  •     Telephone booths
  •     Mailboxes
  •     Park benches
  •     Artificial rocks
  •     Garbage cans, boxes, containers, tanks
  •     Boxes of sand and water
  •     Blades for wind turbines
  •     Wind jacket
  •     Fencing field hockey
  •     Basketball shield
  •     Eaves
  •     Moldings
  •     Calf Hutches
  •     Silos
  •     Caissons

Company "BARS"

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