stekloplastik2Bars Company Ltd. operates in the market of spare parts for passenger rolling stock on May 31, 1993.

The main activities:
  •      production of glass for railway and other transport;
  •      manufacture of boats and launches.
  •      manufacture of articles by thermoforming of thermoplastic plastics;
  •      production of rubber products;
  •      manufacture of products for individual orders
Continuous development of the company and commitment to leadership in the reclaimed areas of industrial activity is the goal we set for ourselves.



The activities of the company "BARS" focused and professional. Corporate responsibility means more to us than just a fashion trend. We appreciate the environment and rational use of natural resources, attach great importance to the balance between work and private life.


The aim of the company "BARS" is the promotion and implementation of large-scale delivery of high quality, advanced products of its own production in the Ukrainian and European market.
Well-job and a good selection of Companies, Suppliers, ...


Production of high quality products based on advanced technologies with the use of advanced materials for maximum satisfaction and customer requirements. We strive to improve the welfare of society by meeting the needs ...